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Is Jiyeon dating?

I don’t know if some of you noticed but Jiyeon has been wearing a black ring on one of her hands very often, if not always. Even in the latest dream concert photos. I started to notice it during the period in which she was filming DH2 and I’ve never seen her without it since.

I’ve also noticed that JB was sporting the same ring. However, I’ve never seen him wearing it since the end of DH2. I’m not saying they are dating. But there is a possibility. it would explain why JB and Jiyeon didn’t follow each other on twitter, to avoid suspicion(of them dating), despite having followed the other cast members.

And then there’s Yesung. Jiyeon follows only 20 people on twitter. And as we all know, she would sometimes unfollow a person unexpectedly and only follows people who she is closed to. So, what makes me curious is that, Yesung, who rarely has interactions with Jiyeon(expect for one video where Jiyeon was acting shy), was not unfollowed. They could be friends, yes, so I tried to look at Yesung’s hand for a similar ring. And I did find one(the recent photo of him with Quincy Jones. It might not be the same. But it looked similar, I’m not sure. Mind you, Yesung doesn’t really follow that many people as well. One of the first girls he followed was Jiyeon.

Then, there’s the bracelet JIyeon used to wear. She would always wear it. But now she doesn’t. It might have been from a past boyfriend or something but who knows?

Then again, if she is dating, it might not be a celebrity. So, I’m happy for her either way.

*This is an opinionated post. I sincerely apologise if any feelings were hurt while reading this post.
*If this gets a good response, I might just do more of these opinionated posts :D


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